December is nearly upon us once again and it might start feeling like our time left to get certain tasks completed in 2018 is running out. It won’t be long until we are looking ahead to 2019 (if we are not already doing so).

At this time of year, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the Christmas hype and lost in all our festive arrangements. Putting things off to 2019 might come naturally but think about whether it is really the best thing to do.

You’ll mainly be playing catch up when you get back into the office in that first week of January. Who knows how many emails you will have to reply to. Plus, it can take a good few days to get back into the ‘work groove’ so you won’t be at your most productive straight away. When all is said and done, you can right off the majority of January as a realistic time to get anything meaningful done – especially if that involves working with other businesses.

So my point is this: maybe you should start some of next year’s tasks now?

It’s not that radical an idea and the benefits are numerous:

You’ll hit the ground running in 2019
You’ll potentially be ahead of the pack
If you do get Christmas down-time you’ll have plenty to occupy yourself with
You might be able to enjoy your Christmas better?

Just to explain that last point; being organised with a clear plan for 2019 before the Christmas break might help you properly disconnect from your work as opposed to being at the mercy of any doubts or concerns about the year ahead. I often create daily ‘to do’ lists the night before and find that the process helps to de-clutter my mind before sleep. I can then properly switch off before bed.

So, the ancient wisdom goes: don’t put off to tomorrow what you can start today and the same applies to your time over the next few weeks before Christmas. You might just have a more refreshing time off and find that instead of being something of a non-starter, your January is invigorated with energy, drive and clear sense of purpose